Welcome to our newly refurbished library.

We have updated it in recognition of the fact that an increasing volume of information needs to be made available as the Regional Environmental Monitoring and Management (REMM) programme develops.

You will see that we ask you to register before accessing this information. Doing so will enable us to ensure that you are kept up to date with future information.

Meanwhile, we have moved all our original library information to a convenient archive. Here you will find:

  • the original Regional Environmental Assessment and its executive summary (2003)
  • the Regional Monitoring Blueprint and supporting files (2005)

Finally, we provide access to the latest dredging zoning information provided by the British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA) on behalf of its members. The charts available here include the Eastern Channel amongst the other UK dredging regions.



Once registered, you can access all the new reports posted under the ECA’s Regional Environmental Monitoring and Management reporting programme revised structure.

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Review all the material published by the ECA since it produced its widely acclaimed Regional Environmental Assessment in 2003.



The commitment to zone the areas being dredged at any time and to keep stakeholders up to date is a key element of the ECA’s code of practice.